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Lollipop Climber Diplocyclos palmatus

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Common Name
Lollipop Climber

The lollipop climber is a perennial climber, or vine, belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family with thin stems, growing up to 6m high. It has white or greenish-yellow flowers that occur between March and April and has green fruits with blotched stripes that later turns a red-orange colour, resembling a lollipop. It has alternate, palmate leaves which are hairy and bright green on the upper surface but pale and smooth underneath. It can form dense infestations and spreads easily by seed. It originates from Australia.

Flowers and leaves
Why is it a problem?
Lollipop climber forms extremely dense infestations.
Control method
In the case of the Lollipop Climber, mechanical control needs to take place before seeding occurs. No herbicides are registered for this and no biological control agents have been introduced.
Where is it a problem?
It has been recorded in KZN in Pinetown (Kloof memorial park and Edgecliff Nature Reserve and Pietermaritzburg.

Identifying other species

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