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Yellow Himalayan Raspberry Rubus ellipticus

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Yellow Himalayan Raspberry
Emerging Weed

The Yellow Himalayan Raspberry is a stout evergreen shrub with prickly stems that grows about 4 or 5 metres tall. Its stems are covered with prickles and reddish hairs. Its leaves are alternate and compound, and are divided into three roughly equal leaflets with toothed leaf margins. The underside of the leaves is lighter than the upper surface and covered with downy hairs. The flowers are small and white and occur in short, terminal panicles. The fruit is yellow and nearly spherical. This plant is noted for its capacity to regenerate from cuttings as well as from plentiful seeds dispersed by birds and other animals.

Why is it a problem?
It competes with, and has the potential to replace, indigenous species. Where it becomes established it forms impenetrable thickets.
Control method
This plant can be hand-pulled, but the roots of this plant must be completely removed and burned. Alternatively, cut stumps may be treated with systemic herbicides that kill the plants from the roots.
Where is it a problem?

Identifying other species

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