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Stinking Weed Senna occidentalis

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Common Name
Stinking Weed

The Stinking Weed belongs to the Fabaceae family and is native to the tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas. It is an erect herb, or a slightly woody shrub that reaches up to 2m in height. Leaves are green, ovate, pointed and appear in 4-5 pairs measuring between 40 and 100mm long. The flowers are yellow and occur between February and March. The seeds are brown pods with paler, thickened margins, 80-130mm long and flattened with one row of seeds. The stinking weed is sometimes poisonous.

Why is it a problem?
It competes with, and has the potential to replace, indigenous species. This plant can be poisonous.
Control method
Plants can be cut down. There are registered herbicides for this.
Where is it a problem?
This is a problem in the Free State, Limpopo and KwaZulu-Natal.

Identifying other species

For help with identifying other species, submit your photo and observations to

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