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Beach Vitex Vitex trifolia

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Beach Vitex

This plant is a large coastal shrub or a small tree that grows to less than 5m in height with the stem covered by soft hairs. The leaves are oppositely arranged along the stems and are usually compound, composed of three linear leaflets which range between 1 and 12cm in length. The upper surface of the leaves is green and the lower surface greyish green. The flowers are purple and are formed in panicles up to 18cm in length. The fruits are fleshy, are about 6mm in diameter and contain four small black seeds.

Why is it a problem?
This plant poses a huge threat to the conservation of coastal forests as it interrupts the growth and replaces local plants. It also disrupts nesting sites for coastal wildlife.
Where is it a problem?
This is mostly a problem on the coastal parts of KwaZulu-Natal

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